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Robi All SMS Pack Offer 2018! Robi to Any Number

4 months ago



Rob SMS bundle offer ! Robi Provides Daily , Weekly
& monthly SMS Pack offer for their prepaid
customers. This bundle pack brought both Robi to
Robi Number & Robi to any number SMS Bundle
Pack. Robi also provides Valobasha Dibosh SMS,
Eid SMS & Happy New Year SMS Pack. Now, We
Discus Robi Cheap rate SMS Bundle offer 2018.
You can buy Robi unlimited SMS pack & enjoy all
Robi SMS offer 2018.
Robi All SMS Offer 2018:
Hello Visitor, We share all Robi SMS offer 2018.
Here, You can check all SMS Bundle information.
Robi provides both Prepaid SMS Bundle & postpaid
SMS Bundle. Please see the Robi SMS offer 2018.
Robi is offered following type of SMS Bundle Pack:
Robi Daily SMS Pack:
Robi customers can enjoy various types of Robi
Dialy SMS Pack & validity. Customers can buy daily
SMS package for 2 days, 3 days & others types.
Follow all daily SMS bundle below:
Robi SMS Pack 2 Days:
Robi-Robi 100 SMS bundle at 5 Tk
Active code: *8666*5555#
Validity: 2 days
Chomotkar 200 SMS Pack:
Robi to any number 200 SMS at 10 Tk
Activation code: *123*6*5*6#
Validity: 72 hours
Robi Bundle SMS 3 Days:
Hajaro Anondo SMS pack:
Robi to Robi (on net) 1000 SMS at 10 Tk
Activation code:*123*6*5*8#
Validity: 48 hours
Saturday SMS Pack:
Robi is launching a special SMS pack which is
available to its valued prepaid customers for
purchase only on Saturdays from 00 Hrs till 11:59
Robi to any local number 500 SMS at 6.09Tk
Activation code: *123*223# or *222*12#
Validity:24 hours
Robi Weekly SMS Pack:
Customers can also active Robi Weekly SMS Pack
& enjoy 7 days validity.
Weekly SMS Pack 250 (Robi-Robi) at 15
Purchase code:*8666*07#The validity of weekly
pack is 7 days
Robi Monthly SMS Pack:
Robi Monthly SMS Bundle
Mega On-net SMS pack 2000 Robi-Robi BDT
130.43 *8666*1500# 4 weeks
Mega Off-net SMS pack1000Robi-OtherBDT
173.91*8666*2000#4 weeks
Robi Bundle Pack 40 SMS 5 Tk:
Robi Bundle Pack 40 SMS 5 Tk for all users. Robi
5 Tk SMS Bundle validity is days. You can also
enjoy Robi unlimited SMS on 5 Taka offer. If you
send a text SMS without SMS pack SMS Charge will
Robi SMS Pack Check Code:
For on-net SMS Balance query dial *222*10#
For off-net SMS Balance query dial *222*20#
Dial *222*12# to check remaining bundle SMS.
Terms & conditions:
This Robi SMS Pack is applicable for PrePaid
users only.
5% SD, 15 % VAT, and 1% surcharge will be
The Robi on net bundle can be used only Robi
And Robi off-net SMS pack can be used any
local number.
Customers can purchase the bundle pack as
many times as they want.
Thank you for reading the Robi SMS offer 2018 ,
active Robi SMS Pack & enjoy Robi SMS Bundle
offer. If you face any problem for Robi SMS Bundle
activation, Please comment below.


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