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838 days agoSMS-1

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
B. I . T. C . H .
Beautiful Intelligent
TalentedCute Horny r u
smiling now? * YOU
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838 days agoSMS-2

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
Beauty Tip : If U Want
2 protect Ur FaceFrom
Dust, Mud & Other Such
Things Then applyASIAN
PAINTS Exterior Emulsion
on ur face 7yrs
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838 days agoSMS-3

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
Love + Ship = Titanic ,
Dinosaur + Forest
=Jurassic Park , Arnold +
Gun = Terminator, You
+Your Smile = The
mummy Returns ..
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838 days agoSMS-4

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
Sometimes my mind
asks Why I miss U ?Why I
care 4 U ? Why I
remember U? Then
myheart answered its
simply bcoz mental
patientsneed more
care.hav nice day .
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838 days agoSMS-5

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
The Only Gracious
Way To
Accept An Insult Is To
If U Cant Top It , Laugh At
If U Cant Laugh At It
U Probably Deserve It
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838 days agoSMS-6

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
Twinkle Twinkle little
star ,
You should know what
you are ,
And once you know what
you are ,
Mental hospital is not so
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838 days agoSMS-7

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
God thought that
he couldn ’t b everywhere
he made a mother .
Then devil thought that
he couldn ’t be
he made a mother - in-
law .
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838 days agoSMS-8

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
Where r u ?
U r u not replying ?
I m worried coz todays
I read that due 2 thunder
a monkey
has been severely
So if u r safe, SMS me
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838 days agoSMS-9

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
No visits …
no calls . .
no sms ’s …
no letters …
no missed calls. .
I ’ m worried …
kya hua zoo walon nay
dobara pakar liya kya?
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838 days agoSMS-10

Md Shafaeyt 'twitter
Boy : your teeth are
like the stars
Girl : awww … Thanks
Are they that much
pretty ?
Boy : no , far away from
each other .
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