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685 days agoSMS-1
Created By : Md Arif
1) Happy New Year SMS 2016| New
Year 2016 Messages In Hindi
English| Latest New Year SMS

685 days agoSMS-2
Created By : Md Arif
2) Dear New Year, Please Let Me, My
Family, My Colleagues, My Clients
And My Friends Be Just Happy This

685 days agoSMS-3
Created By : Md Arif
3) May The Dawn Of This New Year:
Fill Your Heart With New Hopes;
Opens Up New Horizons; And Bring
For You Promises Of Brighter
Tomorrows. Have A Wonderful Year
coming. Happy New Year!

685 days agoSMS-4
Created By : Md Arif
4) Dear God, With The Dawn Of New
Year, I Realise That My Destiny Is
Solely The Result Of My Actions. I
Hereby, Thank You And
Unconditionally Accept My Fate As
Has Been Planned By You. I Ask For
Forgiveness For My Past Mistakes;
And Beg For The Courage To Seek
The Path Of Righteousness! Happy
New Year

685 days agoSMS-5
Created By : Md Arif
5) Everything About The Future Is
Uncertain; But One Thing Is For Sure
That God Has Already Planned All
Our Tomorrows; We Just Have To
Trust Him Today. I Heartily Wish A
Beautiful Tomorrow For You And Your
Family! Happy New Year!

685 days agoSMS-6
Created By : Md Arif
6) Life Is Best For Those Who Are
Enjoying It; Difficult For Those Who
Are Always Analyzing It; & Worst For
Those Who Are Criticizing It. Our
Attitude Defines Our Life. May God
Give U A Beautiful And Enjoyable
Life In The New Year!

685 days agoSMS-7
Created By : Md Arif
7) Even If We Have.. . Less Talks
Less Hellos Less Stories Less
Greetings But Always Remember
That . My Prayers Will Never B Less…
For You…. Wishes You A Bright,
Happy And Prosperous New Year

685 days agoSMS-8
Created By : Md Arif
8) Each Age Has Deemed The New-
born Year The Fittest Time For Festal
Cheer. Happy New Year

685 days agoSMS-9
Created By : Md Arif
9) Receive My Simple Gift Of “Love”
Wraped With “Sincerity” Tied With
“Care” & Sealed With “Dua” 2 Keep
U “Happy” & “Safe” All The Life.
Happy New Year ….

685 days agoSMS-10
Created By : Md Arif
10) "Here Is A Wishing That The
Coming Year Is A Glorious One That
Rewards All Your Future Endeavors
With Success"




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